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Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or Higher Education

Assistance and support with preparation for school leavers to find employment in either the supported or open job market, and in their transition through school towards further education.

Assistance with Travel & Transport

Provision of travel arrangements and support for people to access essential services.

Assistive Products for Household Tasks

Provision of products that assist people with domestic tasks in the home, such as cooking, cleaning, washing and general maintenance.

Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety

Provision of products designed to maximise an individual’s care and personal safety, such as beds and pressure mattresses, bathroom equipment, continence needs and specialised clothing.

Community Nursing Care

The team at Christian Home Care and Disability Services help you to connect with family and friends and community and activities you love and need. Find out more today and see how we can help you get back doing the activities you love.

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Including developmental-focused activities and training to enhance the person’s ability to live as independent an everyday life as possible.

Group and Centre-based Activities

Such as social outings and group and social activities on Christian Home Care & Disability Services PYT‘s premises.

Hearing Equipment

Provision of assistive listening devices (excluding hearing aids).

Innovative Community Participation

Such as social outings and group and social activities on Christian Home Care & Disability Services PYT‘s premises.

Participation in the Community

Including supported shopping, medical appointments, sporting and recreational events, social activities, visiting or making new friends, travel and transport and building confidence and social skills.

Specialised Positive Behaviour Support

Including assessment, development of a plan aiming to limit the likelihood of behaviours of concern developing or increasing.

Personal Mobility Equipment

Provision of products that enable people physical mobility, such as wheelchairs, transfer aids and walking equipment.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Provision of disability accommodation specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of people living with a disability.

Specialised Supported Employment

Provision of assistance with disability employment, including Australian Disability Enterprises (ADES).

Therapeutic Supports

Support to build people’s physical and mental health in order for them to move with optimal mobility and interact with enhanced confidence and interpersonal skills.

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